Importance Of Box Office In Nepal.

The establishment of the box office is the most important thing for the entire Nepali film industry.Due to the lack of the box office,the film industry suffers as a result it discourages the film producers or the investors who invest money in producing Nepali movies.Though,it’s not clear about the factors that prevent the establishment of the box office,the film producers claim the film distributors as the obstacles.They believe that the distributors along with the hall owners are responsible for the hindrance of this development.They share that the distributors never present them the clear or genuine collections of the movies.Most of the producers have the similar opinions of being cheated by the distributors who always show the poor  businesses of the films.They have the doubt over this as they(film producers) believe that most of the single theatres as well as the multiplex halls have been getting good profit by screening Nepali films.They add that if the Nepali movies don’t earn or make good business,why do the hall owners screen or show Nepali films?They  have the right to know about their film’s collections.

Despite some protests in the past about the transparency of the report of the films’ collections by the distributors and about the establishment of the box office,the associations related to the Nepali films like the Producers Associations Of Nepal,Directors Associations Of Nepal or the Artists Assosications Of Nepal and even the Nepal Film Development Board are quiet about this issue.Hope that the concerned authorities,related associations & the Government of Nepal will solve this problem soon by establishing the box office in Nepal to save the producers & to uplift the Nepali film industry.

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